Pet Door

Fitting a pet door to a wooden door or simply buying a wooden or metal door with a pet door pre-installed is easy, but a lot of back doors are glass. How would you go about putting a pet door at your sliding glass rear entry, for example, without adding an unsightly spacer to the rail?

It’s actually very possible, and even easy to fit a pet door into glass, and in some cases it can be done by modifying the glass already in your door. Not all types of glass can be cut though, so it may be necessary to replace the glass in your door with a custom made piece with a pet door fitted into the glass.

These in-glass pet doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and frames, from wood and metal frames to clear plastic, in order to fit into your home’s existing design with ease. We can supply and install a new dog or cat door in your home. In some cases we will be able to cut a hole in your existing glass and fit a new pet door.

Some types of glass are unable to be cut. We will measure and install a new piece of glass with a hole for the new pet door to be fitted.


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