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Foley Glass is proudly Melbourne owned and operated. With competitive prices and a fast professional service you can be confident by choosing Foley Glass that you will receive quality work at the right budget for everyone.

Fully qualified, with a huge range of glasswork undertaken. We can assist you with all of your glass and glazing needs including; Window repairs, Glass Splashbacks, Balustrades & Pool Fencing through to Shower Doors, Mirrors and Table Tops. We will have your emergency repairs completed the same day or at a time that is convenient for you.

Foley Glass carry and stock a wide range of glass products for residential and commercial needs. We have a great reputation at delivering a high quality glazing service at the best prices.

You Can Count on Foley Glass Services in Melbourne

They can provide custom glass Melbourne services that can handle any glass needs you may have. No matter what kind of glass you have and no matter where it is located in your home or business, they can remove the old glass and replace it with sturdy, new, high-quality glass.

Shower Screens Melbourne

One of the most commonly damaged types of glass in the house is the shower screen. A slip in the shower can cause a crack on the glass. That can create a very dangerous environment, where one more slip and fall can result in a shattered shower screen. This is something that needs to be dealt with right away, and shower screens Melbourne are available through Foley Glass. They can create just the kind of shower screen Melbourne residents need, customised to fit their needs and made to order. They offer framed, frameless and semi-framed glass shower screens Melbourne customers, and if you order yours through them, you will enjoy speedy and courteous service every time.

Mirrors Melbourne

Foley Glass can also supply custom mirrors in Melbourne. This includes sliding mirrors for closets as well as standing or hanging mirrors Melbourne. Whatever you need done, their experienced team can manufacture it and customise it to meet your needs. Custom mirrors in Melbourne give you exactly the kind of style and shape of mirror that suits your home perfectly. You don’t have to look very far to find tailor-made mirrors that will fit in at your home. The glass experts at Foley Glass are able to assess your location and find you the ideal mirror for that environment. They can offer suggestions for you and provide professional advice that will ensure you make an informed decision on the right mirror to go with. Not every glass service will offer you custom mirrors in Melbourne, which is one of the reasons why this glass company so so highly regarded.

A Variety of Glass Services

This full-service glass company has you covered no matter what kind of situation arises. They provide glass services in Melbourne for pet doors, pool enclosures, skylights, partitions, tabletops, shelves and much more. Anywhere there is glass, these professionals can ensure that it looks just like you want it to and that it is of an acceptable quality. Hiring just anyone to replace glass or create custom glass Melbourne won’t always provide you with the best results. If you aren’t careful about who you choose to provide you with mirrors in Melbourne, then you may end up with a warped or poorly fitting mirror or something that isn’t flattering to the room it is placed in. The glass services Melbourne counts on time and again are available at Foley Glass. They can repair and replace mirrors Melbourne and custom glass melbourne residents have in their homes with the kind of care and professionalism that their reputation is founded on. Not all companies providing customer glass in Melbourne have the same level of quality. Consumers are starting to recognize that, but they need to be aware of who is providing their glass services and what kind of reputation they have for quality work. They can research Foley Glass for themselves and see what their customers have to say about them. Then, they will better understand why people choose them over the competition so often. Their competitive pricing and wide range of services are worth mentioning, but not nearly as important as their regard for the customer and their commitment to quality service. Anyone looking for mirrors Melbourne that will suit them perfectly or skylights that will be both attractive and long lasting, need look no further than this glass service company. Their years in the business have given them the kind of expertise that customers value. They can quickly assess any glass and determine what kind of options would work best in that situation. Customers rely on them for their professional advice and their high-quality service, and you too can experience their reputation firsthand. No matter what your glass needs may be, these are the professionals to call. They can provide you with beautiful glass that lasts and lasts.

Our Services

Pool Fencing

A glass pool fence is now an affordable and stylish way to secure your pool & to give beautiful look to your property.

Shower Screens

We will custom design a shower screen to fit your bathroom. Choose from frameless, semi frameless or fully framed design.

Window Repairs

Broken windows and doors repaired on the spot. We can also service glass replacement and scratch removal.

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When the glass in your shower, mirror or other household fixture begins to crack, it’s time to get it replaced. Cracking is only a small sign of the weakness the glass is experiencing, and before long, an unattended crack will make the entire glass fall apart. There are often hairline cracks that you won’t even see that can cause your mirror or shower glass to fall apart completely, and you will want to have your glass replaced before that happens. For glass services Melbourne trusts, there is only one name to recommend- Foley Glass.

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