Tabletops & Shelving

Protecting your expensive furniture can be a chore, and it seems that guests never recognise a coaster when they see one. A glass tabletop is a great solution, adding a layer of protection to your most used surfaces that doesn’t remove from its beauty.

Glass tabletops can be used for book shelves, coffee tables and just about anything else that has a flat top and could use protection from scratches and warping from things set on top of them.

Glass seems to be the solution for pretty much any furniture need these days, and one look at glass shelving should just about show you why. Glass shelving provides a modern look and feel to any alcove at a low cost, without the worries associated with other shelving options.

No need to worry about warping, peeling or fading, and cleaning glass is far simpler than tile and grout, making it a wonderful solution for bathrooms!

A piece of glass placed on top of your table is a great way to protect your furniture without hiding its beauty. Glass can be made to any shape, size, colour or thickness that you desire and finished with your choice of edgework. Our glazier will meet with you and advise you of your options and their recommendations.

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