Skylights & Roof Panels

Skylights have been recognised as beautiful additions to your home or office since they first hit the market, and that still holds true today. People love natural light, and an added benefit is decreasing your carbon footprint and saving a bit of money each month on your energy bill at the same time!

Not to mention the health benefits, including reducing buildup of mould and mildew and gaining vitamin D through sun exposure in the safety and comfort of your own home. There are plenty of types of skylight to suit the needs of any climate that also fit into your existing designs, with coatings which allow you to gain light with or without also gaining heat from the sun.

The lights are installed via special roof panels to allow mounting of the window without allowing the elements inside your home or office, and these roof panels can be installed on just about any kind of roof. Complete installation of glass and aluminium over your decking or house allowing more light and adding style to your home.