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What to Look for in a Professional Glazier

March 21, 2017
Whether you are a business owner, resident or building owner, you should have certain expectations for any professional glass repair service you hire. Any professional glazier you have working for you should call before they arrive to confirm the appointment, they should arrive when they told you they would, they should meet or exceed any safety requirements and clean up after themselves.At Foley Glass, we are dedicated to making sure that you receive service you are happy with. Whether we are repairing glass due to a direct request or an insurance claim, we make sure that every job is handled with the same care, keeping up our reputation with our customers.We will call before we arrive to make sure that someone will be onsite and provide access to our glazier. We want to ensure that the work can be done and your window repaired at a time that is convenient for you.We always arrive when we tell you we will, prepared to do the work we have promised.Every glazier on our team is fully qualified and trained to do the work to your satisfaction. They work safely and quickly, providing you with glass that looks brand new.We understand that glass can be dangerous to work with, and we take the required safety precautions to protect you, our team and your building from injury.We always clean up after ourselves, leaving behind a spotless work site every time.We will communicate with you at every step of the process so that you know what work we are doing and how it will affect you and your building. We can answer any questions you may have and allay any concern about the work and cost.

What Will Be the Right Shower Enclosure for You

March 21, 2017
Your bathroom can have a whole new look with the right shower enclosure. Giving this part of your bathroom just a bit more attention can make it the most interesting part of your bathroom. If you are renovating your shower, though, then you want to consider options that most people won’t look at too closely, like dual showerheads, seating and body jets. You may even want to take out the tub entirely, if you have one. Just know that not every trend or option will work well for your space.We have put together a guide to help you pick the right shower enclosure for your needs. Talk these over with a shower specialist to get a better idea of what will work well in your situation.
Shower Enclosures
You need to start by assessing your available space. If you are attempting to move into a new home or getting rid of an old shower, then you need to figure out what you want out of a shower enclosure and what you have space for. Determine what works about the current shower and what doesn’t so you can improve on that space.You have a few different kinds of shower enclosures to pick from- semi-oval, square, rectangular, hexagonal and half circle.You may not want to remove your tub entirely, and you can instead add some glass to the side of the tub or hang a curtain on it for added appeal.You can also go with the increasingly popular bespoke designs- ones that are made to your specifications. You can make the best use of your individual bathroom layout with a shower that uses all the nooks and crannies in interesting ways. We can build a customised shower enclosure for you that fits your needs perfectly.
Frame or No Frame?
Most people will go with framed showers, and that’s the more traditional option. These have an effective seal that keeps water in, and they don’t cost as much as a frameless option. You may want to mix up the traditional framed style with a chrome look instead of the more conventional brass one.Frameless showers are a bit more modern, and they give you the appearance of more space. The glass isn’t divided like a framed shower would be, which makes them appear more spacious. They do need thicker glass to work properly, and that will cost you more. You will enjoy greater freedom and more options with the frameless shower, though.If you want something that looks more like a wet room, then you may want to forgo glass altogether and make your shower a walk-in. This can really pull your bathroom together and make the shower more easily accessible for kids and elderly people.
Door Options
You also have a lot of shower door options. No matter what kind of bathroom size you are working with, you have a few choices that can make your bathroom feel more unique.Small bathrooms usually work best with sliding shower doors, which give you more space, since they don’t swing out.Larger bathrooms often benefit from the hinged door aesthetic, and you can have the door swing into the showers to give you more room.If you want more ideas or some suggestions about what kind of shower may work well for you, then please feel free to contact us. At Foley Glass, we have the shower solutions that will be perfect for you.
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