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Large bathroom mirrors



Balustrade, mirrors, grey mirrors, pool fence, shower screens, and glass doors.


Kew was a new build project, which really was the ultimate job with everything completed on a grand scale! We installed well over 50 different mirrors including 26 grey mirrors in the cellar and bar area, 5 large gym mirrors which weighed 380kgs and covered about 25 m2, bathroom, and cabinet mirrors, and massive walk-in robe mirrors which extended past the ceiling into voids with a skylight above them. Foley Glass also supplied and installed two large frameless shower screens, glass cellar doors with soft-close hydraulic patch fittings, a huge pool fence, and a frameless glass balustrade with handrail which took hours of planning and measuring.

Glass balustrade with matte black hardware
Wardrobe mirrors
Mirror splashback
Mirror splashback